Category: Family Law

Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

Aug 09, 2022

Catastrophic injuries can be extremely severe injuries possibly resulting in lifelong medical care. Very often the victim needs permanent care. A trucking accident, car crash, devastating burns in a fire or explosion, or a head injury from a fall [...]

How Equitable Distribution Affects You in a NY Divorce

Aug 05, 2022

Getting divorced can be a challenging time in anyone's life. The life that they envisioned for themselves is not coming to fruition and now they need to move on and make new plans. A divorce attorney in Brooklyn can help ensure that you get what [...]

Can my Phone be used to Prove Adultery in NY?

Aug 01, 2022

Most New Yorkers rely on their cell phones to access their email, call logs, text messages, images, and other content. While you might think that using your cell phone gives you privacy, these records are frequently used as proof in divorce [...]

Social Media & Divorce

Jun 17, 2022

One of the interesting things about our society and the way we all live today is the growing influence of social media in all of our lives. Not only do many people enjoy social media from a personal point of view, but there are factors that social [...]

Child Custody Modification in Brooklyn NY

May 13, 2022

If you're looking for child custody modification, you've come to the right place. This article explains how child custody modification works and how child custody Brooklyn can help you. But before we dive into it, first things first: When is [...]

NYC High Net Worth Divorce

May 06, 2022

What is a High Net Worth Divorce?  How do you know when you may need a Brooklyn high asset divorce attorney? The answer comes down to if either person in a divorcing couple has a significant amount of assets. If they do, then the Levitsky Law Firm [...]

Same-Sex Divorce Options in NY

Apr 08, 2022

New York State treats same-sex couple divorces the same as a traditional divorce. When a same-sex couple determines this is the best path forward, they must file divorce papers and create terms of separation. In the same manner as heterosexual [...]

“Reasonable” Time Sharing in NY Child Custody

Apr 01, 2022

Many couples who have been married but are divorcing and couples who never married but are separating and have children are opting for time-sharing agreements with each other to share the custody of their children. As long as both parties can get [...]

Are There Geographical Restrictions when it comes to child custody?

Mar 31, 2022

Geographical Restrictions in Child Custody -- Brooklyn Child Custody Attorneys The Levitsky Law Firm is your child custody lawyer in Brooklyn. Entering into a divorce settlement places stress on everyone involved. You and your children may find new [...]

What determines Spousal Maintenance in NY

Mar 04, 2022

Are you wondering what determines Spousal Maintenance in NY? Perhaps you are in the process of divorcing your spouse and unsure how to calculate spousal support? You're in the right spot! This blog explores some of the factors that determine [...]