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Post Nuptial Agreements

Nov 30, 2021

Prenuptial agreements get a lot of bad press because many feel that it is assumed the marriage is doomed if you are already preparing for divorce. Prenuptial agreements actually protect each party’s interest even within the marriage, not just in [...]

3 Things to Know About Military Divorce

Nov 17, 2021

Active duty members of the military face some unique challenges when it comes to divorce.  While there are laws designed to protect military members who are deployed from facing legal action in their absence, it can be difficult to navigate issues [...]

Contested Divorce Options

Oct 29, 2021

Sometimes trying to save a marriage is not possible, despite the efforts to try to salvage it. It is a difficult decision to file for divorce, especially when you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse have children and cannot agree on essential issues. If [...]

Pre-Nuptial Agreements: Protecting the Future of Both Partners  

Oct 15, 2021

Prenuptial agreements are designed to protect anyone with the foresight to understand that the ups and downs of matrimony may pose a threat to their long-term security. The attorneys of Levitsky Law Firm frequently work with clients with family [...]

What to do if my Child Custody Agreement in not Enforced?

Sep 30, 2021

Manhattan Child Custody Enforcement Attorney Can I do anything  if my ex doesn't comply with our child custody agreement? You can file an enforcement petition in family court via your Manhattan family law attorney in the event that your ex is not [...]

Know Your Rights as a Single Parent in New York

Sep 10, 2021

Today, many individuals choose to start a family outside the confines of marriage. It is an individual decision, but those that decide to have children outside of wedlock need to understand their legal rights. As soon as there are children, [...]

How to Modify Parenting Schedules

Aug 31, 2021

Going through a divorce is always a difficult process. This can be made even more challenging and stressful when children are involved and custody needs to be negotiated. During the divorce, a formal custody and parenting plan will be created. [...]

Grounds for Divorce in New York

Jul 16, 2021

Anyone who is considering filing for divorce should first consult with a Brooklyn divorce attorney to truly know what to expect from it. First of all, you must meet the residency requirements in New York before you can file. This means that you or [...]

Child Support for Unmarried Parents

Jul 02, 2021

Claiming for child support is important in ensuring that the child is provided the basic necessities for their health, growth, and development. When a married couple divorces, and child custody issues arise, the matter of support is usually not far [...]