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Life-Changing Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Brooklyn NY

May 31, 2022

Motorcycle accidents often result in devastating, life-changing injuries. While most vehicles provide some protection for passengers, motorcyclists are fully exposed. This leaves cyclists far more vulnerable than other people on the road. Serious [...]

NYC Motorcycle Helmet Laws

May 24, 2022

New York requires all motorcycle riders and passengers to protect themselves with helmets. These helmets must also meet the minimum requirements set by the state. Failure to wear a helmet could result in fines or jail time. It can also increase [...]

Common Motorcycle Accidents in Brooklyn NYC

May 20, 2022

The Dangers of Riding my Bike Driving can be risky, especially with a motorcycle. In 2019, about 14% of traffic-related deaths were from motorcycle riders. This is, after all, an activity that involves high-speed travel with an uncovered vehicle. [...]

Construction Aerial Lift Accidents

Apr 29, 2022

Construction aerial lifts are used by many workers in New York, whether on construction sites, by maintenance crews, or by public workers. These machines are useful in projects that require workers to work at high heights. However, they can also [...]

Construction Accident: Burns and Explosions

Apr 22, 2022

Construction jobs are one of the most dangerous and prone to accidents and injuries. One common cause of injury on construction sites is burns and explosions. These injuries volatile chemicals, gases, or a combination of equipment and substances [...]

Construction Scaffolding Accidents

Apr 15, 2022

Construction jobs are one of the most dangerous and prone to accidents. One facet of this job is instances where workers are required to use scaffolding. When these workers are injured due to any range of scenarios, they need extensive medical [...]

Residential Stairs Slip and Fall Accidents

Apr 13, 2022

Falling down the stairs can be a real threat to almost anyone. A Brooklyn slip and fall attorney can help individuals who have been injured and this circumstance. People who are victims of slip and fall accidents can incur various medical expenses [...]

Wrongful Death Claims: Statute of Limitations

Mar 28, 2022

Wrongful death is never pleasant to deal with. Knowing how long you have to file a claim can help you create a timeline that works for you. Levitsky Law Firm can help you with your New York wrongful death accident and wrongful death claim so that [...]

NY Common Construction Accidents: Falls

Mar 25, 2022

Construction is a wonderful career choice for someone who likes the outdoors, solving problems, and working with their hands.   However, no matter how cautious someone is, through no fault of their own, they can have a fall. Safety First Even [...]